Advance Your Reading Power

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Students who read at a third or fourth grade level have learned the art of reading. Why, then, do some continue to grow while others remain stagnant? This book lays it all out beginning with an explanation of what reading really is (decoding AND comprehending), why all text is not created equal, essential reading strategies, ways to gain a bigger vocabulary, and much more.

Advance Your Reading Power is a super reader-friendly book with a casual tone throughout making it a comfortable read for students who will benefit from the information provided.

This book is written largely at a 4th/5th grade reading level (with some deviation in particular areas).

Note: If you would like to order Advance Your Reading Power, please call or email. Books are $8.00 each or $7.50 each when 10 or more are ordered.

Table of Contents

Preface 1-3
Your First Lesson: Learn these words 5

Chapter 1: Reading = Decoding + Comprehending 11-13
Decoding and comprehending text 11

Chapter 2: Why We Read But Don’t Get It 15-20
“I read it but don’t get it.” 15

Chapter 3: All Text Is Not Created Equal 21-25
Easy to read text vs. hard to read text 21

Chapter 4: Our Three Levels of Reading 27-31
Independent, instructional, frustration 27
Why reading at our instructional level is best 29

Chapter 5: Stay Focused While Reading 33-41
Visualizing 33
Asking questions 35
Making inferences 36
Making connections 37
Repairing comprehension 39

Chapter 6: Increase Your Reading Level By Increasing Your Vocabulary 43-51
Learn roots 46
Prefixes and suffixes 47
Train the eye to see roots, prefixes, suffixes 49

Chapter 7: Gain a Bigger Vocabulary 53-63
Use context clues 53
Stop skipping over unknown words 58
Learn new words 60

Chapter 8: Benefits of a Large Vocabulary 65-69
Vocabulary improves comprehension 65
Vocabulary improves writing 66
Vocabulary improves communication skills 67

Chapter 9: Read, Read, and Read Some More 71-76
Read every day 71
Lifelong learners 73

Chapter 10: This and That 77-93
Get in the habit 77
How to read punctuation 80
Tricky vowels 82
Chapter highlights 84
A list of roots and prefixes 88

References 95

A personal note 97