All Text Is Not Created Equal
Part I & II

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Parts I and II demonstrate how comprehension is affected by the words and sentences used in text.

Part I teaches the two elements that make text easy or difficult to read—words and sentences.

Students will experience first-hand how all text is not created equal by reading two similar stories with one major difference—the chosen language used. Students will analyze both texts with step-by-step instructions getting a real feel for how comprehension changes depending on the length of sentences and words.

Part II begins with the chapter “All Text Is Not Created Equal” then has students work with different levels of text. Three worksheets will help them understand how words and sentences have a direct impact on comprehension. Students will soon learn why reading history is generally more complex than reading their favorite novel.

This purchase includes:
—high/low reading material
—analysis worksheet
—chapter “All Text Is Not Created Equal”
—reading tracker
—worksheet comparing high/low text
—worksheet having students turn higher-level text into lower-level text (Graduation Day!)

Common Core State Standards
RI.5.5      RI.6.4      RI.7.4     RI.8.4
RI.5.6      RI.6.7      RI.7.7     RI.8.7
L.5.4.A    L.6.4.A    RI.7.9     L.8.4.A
L.5.5.C    L.6.4.D    L.7.4.A    L.8.4.D