All Text Is Not Created Equal
Part II

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Begin by reading the chapter “All Text Is Not Created Equal,” then have students work with different levels of text. Three worksheets will help them understand how words and sentences have a direct impact on comprehension. Students will soon learn why reading history is generally more complex than reading their favorite novel.

In this purchase you will receive:
— the chapter “All Text Is Not Created Equal” from my book Advance Your Reading Power
— a two or three day tracking worksheet having students analyze text read in school
— comparison worksheet of higher and lower text
— worksheet giving students practice turning higher-level text into lower-level (Graduation Day!)
Note: This lesson compliments All Text Is Not Created Equal—Part I (sold on my website) but can be given to students even if they haven’t done Part I.

Common Core State Standards
RI.5.5    RI.6.4    RI.7.4    RI.8.4
RI.5.6    RI.6.7    RI.7.7    RI.8.7
L.5.4a    L.6.4a    RI.7.9    L.8.4a
L.5.5c    L.6.4d    L.7.4a    L.8.4d