Beyond A Reasonable Doubt


This 28 page suspense (7 super short chapters) will be a fun read with what some might find a surprise ending. The story is written in most areas at a 5/6 grade reading level (Fry Graph used to estimate level). Included in this purchase is a variety of activities. Do them all or pick and choose.

Here’s what you’ll get:
–a worksheet after each chapter with 6-7 inferential questions to be answered
–a last chapter worksheet with ‘expanded’ answers
—idiom practice
–a mini-lesson of figurative language
–three-page figurative language worksheets (47 examples from the story)
–1st person paper written from the viewpoint of the suspect after the verdict
–53 vocabulary words/definitions typed out for students to have (chapter by chapter)
–four separate vocabulary tests (plus two ‘adjusted’ for students who may benefit having revised tests)

Note: There is a death in this story, but it is touched upon gently and should not create any anxiety.

Common Core State Standards
RL.5.4     RL.6.1     RL.7.1
L.5.1       RL.6.2     RL.7.2
L.5.2       RL.6.3     RL.7.3
L.5.3a     RL.6.4     RL.7.4
L.5.4a     RL.6.5     RL.7.5
L.5.5a     RL.6.6     RL.7.6
L.5.5b     L.6.1a     L.7.2
               L.6.2       L.7.3
               L.6.3       L.7.4a
               L.6.4a     L.7.4c
               L.6.4d     L.7.4d
               L.6.5a     L.7.5a