Classroom Jobs


A student needs your help, but the bell rings and you must get the class started. An email is sent requesting a student be sent down before the end of the hour. You’re in the middle of listening to a student’s question and the phone rings. Sound familiar?

Solution: Get your class into ‘families’ they will stay with for the year, and do more of what you were hired to do—teach. As a bonus, your students will become part of an interdependent classroom and gain the benefits that come along with it. Every student participates. Jobs change bi-monthly giving students opportunities to shine and help with class routine—from the beginning of the hour to the end.

Set up is required for this but well worth it. Once in place, you will use this year after year.

In this purchase you will get:
–how to set up and get this plan in action
–examples of jobs (tweak to fit your classroom needs)
–the benefit of ‘families’ and their roles