Following Directions—Card Tricks


Learning to read and follow directions accurately can be a skill that proves challenging for many students. In this activity, following directions will lead to learning three different card tricks.

Each card trick has step-by-step instructions and a picture representing part of the trick. Reading through directions a few times is recommended (and normal) to get the desired result—learning the card trick well enough to perform and amaze others.

Have students work in pairs or small groups to help each other master the tricks by reading the directions and practicing until they’ve got it. Students will learn quickly that it is not as easy as it seems!

I can almost guarantee—you will not see such concentration and eagerness to read and
comprehend! These card tricks were on my ‘fun when done’ shelf, and they were always a popular pick with my students.

RF.5.4a     RI.6.3     RI.7.3     RI.8.3
                 RI.6.5     RI.7.5     RI.8.5