Following Directions—No Bake Cookies


Small groups will work cooperatively (after learning a few essential vocabulary words), follow a recipe, and measure out ingredients properly in order to get the desired outcome—delicious peanut butter cookies. Just four ingredients and no heat required. Caution—since peanut butter is in this recipe, make sure it is safe for all students!

With this purchase, you will get:
—five essential vocabulary words to go over with students
—instructions how to group and set up cooking ʻstationsʼ in your room
—time management (50+ minute classes are needed)

Note: This works best for class sizes of 16 or less. If you teach block classes, you can do half the class the first hour, half the second. Otherwise, for bigger classes, you can do half the class one day (while others work on something else) and the other half the next.

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