Grouping Students Simplified


A quick way to form groups for any reason.

You can now make grouping students a quick and easy task. As a bonus, this system works with virtually no grumbling from students. The anticipation of where will I be placed always adds a bit of interest. This system offers numerous ways to group, so students learn not to assume they will be placed with the same people as before—they won’t.

By placing a 3” square on the back of every student’s chair, you will create numerous ways in which to group students giving them the opportunity to work with different classmates throughout the year.

Group students in nearly any combination. If needed, quick adjustments within groups can be made when you need more or fewer together (some squares are ‘wild cards’).

Simply copy the six pages provided in this purchase, laminate, and cut into 30 squares. Securely tape one square to the back of every chair to create countless combinations year after year.

It’s random. It’s different.