Happy Staff -> Happy School


How can your school be the place everyone wants to be? Some companies are known and recognized for treating employees well and, not surprisingly, have little turnover. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place where workers are appreciated and acknowledged?

In the last twenty years, schools have all but turned into a business. Parents now have many choices finding an educational setting for their children. Schools of choice, private schools, homeschooling, charter schools, magnet schools, and online schools have gained in popularity. It can no longer be assumed children will attend the school down the street from where they live.

Some teachers in your school spend more hours each day with other people’s children than their own. Increases and appropriate salaries are no longer a guarantee, making it even more important to show your staff they are respected and appreciated. Keeping a positive work environment will improve productivity. Happy teachers make happy schools. This should be reason enough to find ways to keep your staff happy and motivated.

In this purchase your will receive:

-six categories with 49 ideas to make your school a fun, comfortable, and welcoming place

-a staff questionnaire that will expose the unknown “stuff” about the people who make your school great (then place in the halls allowing staff, parents, and visitors to smile.)