“Her Angels”


In this beautifully written memoir, Kelly signs up to attend a Saturday program to help the elderly and handicapped in her community, but her experience goes far beyond the volunteer work. Some call it a coincidence, some call it fate, but Kelly calls it a miracle. (Note: Kelly received a college scholarship for this memoir. She has given permission to share it.) In this purchase you will receive:

  • a 1 ½ page memoir
  • Inferential questions in 3 formats
    — long answers
    — multiple-choice (4 answer choices)
    — multiple-choice revised (3 answer choices)
    — ‘making connections’ worksheet
  • using context clues with memoir’s vocabulary
  • figurative language mini-lesson
  • identifying figurative language in the memoir
  • answers for all activities

Common Core State Standards
RI.6.1     RI.7.1     RI.8.1     RI.9-10.1
RI.6.4     RI.7.4     RI.8.4     RI.9-10.4
L.6.4a     L.7.4a    L.8.4a     L.9-10.4a
               L.7.5a    L.8.5a     L.9-10.5a