Listening/Drawing Activity


In this activity, a speaker and a listener pair up to achieve a desired outcome.

In this lesson you get:
–explanation of the activity
–a one minute ‘indoor voice’ activity to practice before starting
–step-by-step directions (each having suggested time limits) helping students achieve the desired results
–worksheet to draw the image (and answer a question related to the activity)
–three pictures of a ‘regular’ level and three pictures of a ‘higher’ level
At the end of the hour, showing the interpretations of the same picture will lead to a great discussion (and a good amount of laughter)!

Common Core State Standards
SL.5.1.B     SL.6.1.B     SL.7.1.B     SL.8.1B
SL.5.1.C     SL.6.1.C     SL.7.1.C