Paradigm Change


The first lesson demonstrates how many can see the exact same thing but interpret it differently with personal views, perspectives, and feelings. The lesson ends with a get-up-and-go activity that will reveal the different viewpoints. Discussion will occur in the process as students are encouraged to share their thoughts and personal experiences.

The second lesson is a group activity to encourage discussion about how a change in paradigm can result in a change of situation. As a group, students will discuss a narrative with negative results and come up with a change in paradigm that can produce more positive results.

Students will then think about a change they would like to make in their personal lives. Applying what they’ve learned about paradigms, they are asked to test the theory out.

SL.6.1a     SL.7.1a     SL.8.1a
SL.6.1c     SL.7.1c     SL.8.1c
SL.6.1d    SL.7.1d     SL.8.1d