Reading Strategies, 5-Pack

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Reading Strategy 5-Pack Cards (Teaching the strategies – 2 hours)

Reading without using strategies is not reading at all.

In this lesson, students will learn five essential reading strategies.

Next, students will begin practicing these strategies with their own
set of strategy cards.

These cards are a gentle reminder for your students to use strategies
every time they read. You will see at a glance which strategies your
students are using (and so will they).

The strategy cards can be used whenever your students read–
whether together, silently, or during school-wide reading. These
cards are non-threatening (even for reluctant readers) because they
will see the success they have every time they move a card.

In this lesson you get:

  • directions and all you need to make the 5-pack strategy cards
    (use year after year)
  • a complete explanation (with examples) of the five strategies that
    students will learn and practice
  • interesting (and varied) text suggestions to teach the strategies

Common Core State Standards (using the cards/strategies):
RL.5.4    RL.6.4     RL.7.4     RL.8.4
RI.5.4    RI.6.4      RI.7.4       RI.8.4
L.5.4.A   L.6.4.A   L.7.4.A    L.8.4.A
L.5.4.B   L.6.4.B   L.7.4.B    L.8.4.B