Seedfolks Activities and Tests


SEEDFOLKS—Writing, Lunch Social, Reviews, and Tests

WRITING—fun and creative ideas both during and after Seedfolks. Your students will have no trouble delving into these 10 scenarios to create their stories. Share and compare to see how students foretold differently the future of a character or situation.


W.5.3    W.6.3    W.7.3    W.8.3
W.5.4    W.6.4    W.7.4    W.8.4
W.5.5    W.6.5    W.7.5    W.8.5

NEIGHBORHOOD SOCIAL (don’t worry—it’s just your classroom). Celebrate the themes of Seedfolks—diversity and acceptance. This luncheon will be an event your students won’t forget–fun, food, and socializing.

Note: This will take an entire 55 class hour. Preparation in advance will need to be done to get all the vegetables on the table. If you can combine this class hour with your students’ actual lunch hour, there will be more breathing space.


RL.5.2    RL.6.2     RL.7.2     RL.8.2
SL.5.1a  SL.6.1a    SL.7.1a   SL.8.1a
L.5.2e    SL.6.1e    L.7.2b     L.8.2a
L.5.3b    L.6.2b      L.7.3       L.8.2c

REVIEWS—two 21-question versatile reviews. Both can be done independently, in pairs/small groups, or made into a lively activity. Each review has ‘helping clues’ in case students need to make any last-minute changes.


RL.5.1     RL.6.1     SL.7.1   RL.8.1
RL.5.3     SL.6.1a   SL.7.1a  SL.8.1a
RL.5.1a   SL.6.1c   SL.7.1d  SL.8.1.d

TESTS—4 ‘regular’ and 4 ‘revised’. Each test covers three chapters of the book (except the last which covers the final four chapters). The ‘regular’ and ‘revised’ tests have 12 multiple-choice questions. There are four answer choices for the ‘regular’ and three answer choices for the ‘revised’ (along with text a bit bigger for easier reading).