Solo Scrabble


This is a great activity for students to engage in language and spelling. This desktop version can be played ‘straight’ or with challenges. There are two versions of the game, one being adjusted for students who may need a revised, simpler version.

Letters for both versions just need to be copied (one set per student) and put in a zip-lock bag.

In this purchase you will receive:
–directions for both regular and revised Solo Scrabble
–challenge suggestions for both versions that demand extra brain power
–advanced suggestions for your students who are word whizzes
–letters for both versions of Solo Scrabble

Whether the game is played straight, with a challenge, or advanced, students will love seeing Solo Scrabble out on the table for them to play. Use year after year.

L.5.2e     L.6.2b     L.7.2b     L.8.2c
L.5.4b     L.6.4b     L.7.4b     L.8.4b