“The Long Awaited Guest”


This memoir is about a woman who accompanies her husband to the hospital with the intent of making the most of the hours sheʼll be in the waiting room. An unexpected interruption, however, reminds her that the world is a glorious place. This is a quick one-page memoir but packed with activities.

This purchase includes:
—15 inferential questions
—mini-lesson and figurative language practice
—homonym practice

Make time for students to share their illustrations on an Elmo or overhead as it will bring a good amount of laughter!

RI.5.1     RI.6.1     RI.7.1     RI.8.1
RI.5.4     RI.6.2     RI.7.4     RI.8.2
L.5.4a     RI.6.3     RI.7.6     RI.8.3
L.5.5a     RI.6.4     L.7.4a     RI.8.4
              RI.6.5     L.7.5a     RI.8.5
              RI.6.6                   RI.8.6
              L.6.4a                   L.8.4a
              L.6.5a                   L.8.5a