Vowel Team Puzzle


Vowels can be tricky in both spelling and pronunciation. Depending where a vowel is in a word (and with whom it’s hanging around) will determine the sound it makes. Recognizing vowel teams and learning their sounds is not only possible but necessary in order to strengthen pronunciation skills and assist in accurate spelling.

In this activity, words made from the puzzle pieces must contain only vowel teams. Example: QUIT can be used, but not QUITE since there is no single vowel ‘e’ in any of the puzzle pieces.

GOAL: To have students use all the vowel teams and consonants they are given to make words.

In this purchase you will get:

-all vowel teams and consonants needed for the game
-simple directions
-six extra challenges to keep your students thinking even more
-picture of an example of what one puzzle looks like

L.5.2e     L.6.2b     L.7.2b     L.8.2c