Working With A Vision In Mind


These lessons demonstrate how success comes easier when you begin with a vision.

FIRST ACTIVITY: 40-50 minutes

Students will observe two classmates working on the same activity. Both students want to get the same end result, yet one will have more of a challenge because no vision will be given.

The audience (students) will answer worksheet questions based on their observations of the classmates working diligently. You will need to buy two items for this lesson—$2.00 total cost (I like Dollar Tree). Once bought, youʼll use year after year.

SECOND ACTIVITY: 40-50 minutes
Everyone is hands-on in this activity. All groups will be given the same assignment, half being at a disadvantage because they have no vision of the end result. Everything for this activity is included.

What you get with this 2-day lesson purchase:
—setup, directions, and analysis worksheet for Activity One
—setup, directions, materials, and analysis worksheet for Activity Two

Common Core State Standards
SL.5.1b     SL.6.1b     SL.7.1b     SL.8.1b
SL.5.1c     SL.6.1c      SL.7.1c     SL.8.1c